Application Areas

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Master Data

Master data definition is an important aspect of all SAP implementation and upgrade projects. However, it is not always easy to determine the level of completeness, especially which activities remain outstanding. Common issues include: 


• Has everything been defined?

• Are the data definitions consistent?

• Has the data been validated?

• Are there any duplicates? 


SAP data entry is a time consuming and tedious process which makes it difficult to ensure the accuracy of the recorded information.


Our applications are designed to ensure accurate data entry with field level validation, approval of data entry and status indicators highlighting the degree of completeness.


Material Planning

SAP Material Planning is not overly user-friendly requiring many key presses to access the required information. Data entry can also be cumbersome making it too easy to make a mistake when defining requirements. Analysis is only on an individual material basis and functions such as filtering and rule definition are inflexible. It is also not possible to forecast by shelf-life expiration.


Our applications significantly improve the user experience containing all the information you need in one place. You can analyse across multiple materials using flexible rules and filtering features. You can convert multiple planning orders to one Purchase Requisition (PR) in one step and also forecast against shelf-life expiration. Our tools give you the information you require when you need it without wasting valuable management time.

Warehouse Operations

Performing SAP warehouse operations can be very time consuming given the number of transactions required to move material. Data entry also needs to be manually verified for accuracy due to the limited validation features. With ECC 6 the lack of a web-based user interface means that data is not always entered in a timely manner which can also result in incomplete or inaccurate information being recorded.


Our applications are all web based which means that transactions can be recorded in real time using portable devices. All data entry is validated and security features such as second user approval of changes using digital signatures also ensures data validity.



SAP provides a restrictive range of reports for material management which means that accessing the required information can be very time consuming. Since SAP data entry is not validated for accuracy, completeness and duplications the reports can provide erroneous information which can result in the wrong business decisions being taken. Features such as drill-down and financial analysis of material planning information are either not available or very simplistic.


Our applications are highly flexible and provide a much greater degree of confidence given that data entry has been validated. The reports highlight where data is incomplete, duplicated or missing. Features such as colour coding, drill down, historical analysis and financial analysis (in addition to standard SAP quantitative analysis) make reporting significantly more powerful.