Our Services

Our range of services maximise the benefits obtained from our SAP applications in a fast and efficient manner.

Fast Deployment through Project Support

Our project support services enable you to implement our SAP applications quickly and efficiently. Project duration for our standard applications is typically four weeks.


Our services include:


  • Assistance in defining your project activities and plan

  • Help with defining your user requirements specification

  • Support in the application installation process

  • Help with defining any testing protocols that may be required

  • Training sessions to your users within and across your sites

  • Application support during the project duration

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Continuity delivered via Annual Maintenance

Our annual maintenance agreement provides you with the following benefits during the support period:


  • Free application updates

  • Application support

  • Fault fixes


It ensures continuity of supply and your access to the very latest advances in our products and services

Your needs encapsulated through Customisation

Our applications development is driven by your needs. However, we understand that these vary across companies and industries. We therefore offer the following services to ensure that they satisfy your requirements.


  • Functional enhancements to our existing applications

  • Development of new applications either from our ramp-up portfolio or for other requirements specific to user needs


Our philosophy is to develop applications in a generic fashion that benefit the entire user community.


You continuously gain through our Application Ramp-up

Our ramp-up portfolio consists of multiple functional enhancements. It is heavily influenced by your needs, and new applications, once released, become part of our standard suite.


Our portfolio currently consists of the following applications:

Budget Control Management

For cost centres and types

  • Upload the budget

  • Monitor the execution of the budget

  • Improve Control with error and warning messages

  • Create/Manage increase/transfer budget requests

Master Data Management

For the retail industry

Purchase Lifecycle Management

From purchase requisition to vendor payment

Vendor Portal

Provides access to all aspects of the vendor relationship from an independent module interfaced with SAP

Quotation Management

Covers all stages through to order confirmation

Maintenance Order Management and Notices

Accessible from mobile devices