Have you discovered to your cost that by default, SAP does not enforce that all master data fields have been fully and correctly populated? Rules created during implementation and upgrades define which fields are mandatory, are hidden or take a specific format. However, it is not easy to ensure that all requirements have been identified and met.


Many options consist of multiple tabs/views each with numerous fields. It is therefore all too easy to create incomplete or duplicate records. The cost of maintaining existing data is often too high or time consuming. As a result, key business decisions can be based on erroneous information.


Our master data applications have been designed to overcome data entry issues and improve data quality and governance by incorporating the following features.


  • Required views/tabs can be defined by record type

  • Business rules can ensure that specific fields have valid values

  • New records can be pre-populated from master template records

  • Existing duplicates can be highlighted, and new ones prevented

  • Master data changes can be by request and only implemented once approved

  • Digital signatures and photographic evidence can be required for material movement operations in the warehouse

  • Purchase document release approval can be fully managed with much enhanced functionality

  • Email notification to approvers of master data changes and document release