Do you waste a lot of time in production planning within SAP due to complex functionality? Do you resort to Excel to get over the limitations in your current tools resulting in a separation between the planning process and SAP that generates extra work performing activities such as the creation of purchase and production/process order documents?


Our web-based planning monitor has been designed to overcome the shortfalls in the SAP user experience. It supports all MRP master data and functions from one central menu system. You can maintain both the sales and operations plan and the generated MRP/MPS plan and you can also convert generated planned orders into purchase requisitions. Filter and drilldown facilities provide you with features not available from standard SAP such as the ability to highlight and/or exclude material close to its expiry date.


Our application gives you planning features not available from standard SAP, for example you can define the stock coverage display in terms of days, weeks or months. You can view the sales plan v actuals graphically. You can view risk alerts according to multiple criteria (material type, material group, plant, etc.). Icons are used to quickly identify out of stock or unavailable items, Inventory below the reorder point, materials in optimal situation and purchases above the maximum stock level.