Greater Accuracy and Reduced Costs in Stock Control

The inflexibility of SAP material movement functionality severely impacts users; the result; complete loss of confidence in the accuracy of the reported information.

The need to use either proprietary handheld devices with a poor user experience or record movements directly into an SAP terminal leads to data entry errors, poor governance and users bypassing the system. Warehouse movements can either be not recorded, inaccurate or entered late.

A highly flexible, easy to use, and fully integrated SAP application from Asaptek allows any mobile device to be used to perform warehouse movements enabling timely and accurate information to be recorded. The user experience is tailored to the operator’s role allowing them to scan barcodes, capture digital signatures and photographs from their mobile device. Key decision makers have real-time access to accurate information regardless of their location.

Motivated users, reduced training time, increased productivity, greater data integrity, accurate stock reporting, a major saving in the cost of ownership and better business decision making are the result.

Asaptek Warehouse Operations


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