Improved Performance with the Asaptek Productivity Suite

A modern, low-cost, web-based interface to perform critical SAP ERP supply chain and logistics functions from master data and material planning through to vendor invoice.

The SAP user interface is old fashioned and cumbersome incorporating a menu system and shortcuts that belong in the past. The ever-expanding functionality incorporates thousands of transaction codes with varying standards across the modules.

Users used to modern, intuitive, web-based interfaces for computer access must be trained in a completely different environment that takes time to learn, is slow to use, and easy to make mistakes.

These issues are overcome through a suite of applications from Asaptek that are highly engaging for users, and that provide great usability value by streamlining the supply chain process.

Our applications combine a modern user experience linked to SAP business logic. They support SAP authentication and comply with all existing authorisations.

Considerable value is added as users can easily access business-critical information which is available within SAP but hard to access or interpret.

All SAP ERP solutions (ECC and S/4HANA) and architectures (BTP/SCP and Fiori) are supported. Web hosting and Software as a Service (SaaS) is also offered.

A very low risk low-cost add-on to existing systems that greatly improves the user experience and enables maximum value to be extracted from existing SAP installations.

Asaptek Productivity Suite


Asaptek offer a suite of web-based supply chain and logistics SAP applications (S/4HANA and ECC) that improve personal productivity

Over 100 large enterprises use our applications across Europe and America