Quick and Efficient Purchase Lifecycle

Managing the purchase lifecycle should be a simple and straightforward process but inadequate tools result in production inefficiencies and costly downtime.

Using standard SAP to establish the status of purchasing transactions is time-consuming and complex due to the inability of users to easily access the required information.

Multiple transactions and absence of real-time access inhibit normal daily queries such as:

  • Has a purchase order been released?

  • When will the goods be received?

  • Was the delivery on time and is it complete?

  • Has the vendor put the delivery ‘on hold’?

  • Has the vendor invoice been received?

  • Have all relevant purchase documents been closed?

A simple to use, web-based SAP application from Asaptek tracks all purchasing stages from purchase requisition through to invoice receipt, all accessible from a mobile device. Queries are answered immediately, document creators and vendors can be emailed, multiple documents closed, and delivery dates changed in a quick and efficient fashion. The purchasing cycle is also streamlined using the information generated from the key performance indicators.

The result: A modern, low cost purchasing cycle with a reduced risk of downtime caused by delivery delay, and greater employee satisfaction.

Asaptek Purchase Tracking


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