Simple Logistics Planning

Standard SAP functionality is complex to use for logistics planning: The result; users resort to managing forecasting on alternative applications such as Excel.

The SAP logistics planning process is overly complex and hard to interpret.

Manufacturing planning has numerous input parameters and multiple planning methods. Interpreting the results is confusing. With limited functionality and a poor user experience a skilled practitioner is needed to generate the required outputs.

A fully integrated, easy to use, web-based SAP application from Asaptek optimises the planning process. Now all stakeholders have access to the process. The ability to analyse history in a graphical format (plan v actual) improves forecasting. The outputs can be in a form not possible with standard SAP including highlighting materials due to expire and the display of results in financial terms.

Users are able to align the plan to business needs; the planning process is accurate, material management is optimised, costs reduced and enterprise value maximised.

Asaptek Planning Monitor


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