Significant Cost Savings in Operational Management

Are you comfortable making business critical decisions based on data that may be erroneous? Users take this risk daily due to invalid material master data. The result: inefficiency, and operational disruption.

Managing master data with standard SAP is cumbersome. Multiple views need to be accessed with little data governance. Mistakes are easily made. Resolving errors later is extremely time consuming and costly given the many thousands of records that exist.

A clear and simple Material Master Data application is accessible from a single transaction within the SAP GUI. Easy to apply and use it radically reduces the time required to create and manage records whilst enhancing data governance. Potential downstream issues due to invalid master data are eliminated.

Records can be created in bulk using business rules. New records can be managed via user requests requiring approval before adoption. Existing records can be quickly analysed against the business rules, errors identified, and rectified.

Management reports provide critical information not easily accessible from standard SAP.

Motivated users, greater data integrity and governance, accurate decision making, and reduced costs are the result.

Asaptek Master Data Management


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