• Are you fully aware of current sales demands either from customers or from your distribution sites?

  • Do you have knowledge of current stock levels and delivery schedules from your suppliers?


This information requires access to a range of SAP menu options but is spread across multiple menu options and the production plan may also be held within an Excel spreadsheet. The time taken to access it from a SAP terminal and the lack of clarity of the presentation adds risk to the production process.


We offer a range of web-based applications that substantially improve your experience and speed of access to information regardless of your location. Our planning monitor, warehouse movements and purchase releases applications all assist your team in running a smooth and efficient operation. Our master data applications also ensure the quality and completeness of data.


Our planning monitor application allows you and the production team to view and adjust the plan for multiple products (e.g., a product division). Information can be displayed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Drill-down facilities enable a products individual components to be displayed. Materials that are too close to their expiry date can also be excluded from the plan. The status of re-order point materials is also highlighted (e.g. stock exceeds maximum stock level).