• Do you find it tedious having to access multiple SAP options to approve purchase documents and to verify that a purchase is necessary; that the selected vendor can deliver within the timeframe required and has a good track record?

  • Is the production plan hard to interpret, and difficult for you to verify whether the items are required and when by?

  • Does your standard purchase release process add extra workload to ensure that the correct quantity is being ordered from the most suitable vendor and will be delivered on time?


Our web-based document release application provides all the information necessary for you to quickly make the correct purchasing decision including any warning notifications such as a deviation in the price. You can use your mobile device to see how many purchase documents you are required to approve and can accept or reject them with one click of a button.


Approvers can be configured to be automatically sent an email when a purchase document is created. The email contains all relevant information including the vendor history, the items being purchased, the price history, the release strategy, an overview of the stock coverage and forthcoming requirements and any warnings. They are able to approve or reject the document from the email and if rejecting it to provide a reason for the rejection.