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Discover how our Logistics products save time, deliver efficiencies with data driven business rules, and provide unrestricted and simple to interpret outputs; thereby making your job so much easier.

All SAP ECC and S/4HANA versions and architectures supported.

SiDM - Master Data Management

Create and modify individual or multiple items, identify duplicates and automatically validate data entry with improved quality and data governance.


  • Reduce Maintenance Costs using business rules to validate and auto-populate your master data

  • Ensure Data Accuracy and Completeness by reviewing master data before applying it

  • Improve Productivity with well-defined business processes and standardised naming conventions for spare parts

  • Make more informed Business Decisions derived from more complete and accurate master data

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SiMPL Planning Monitor Main Picture.png

SiMPL - Planning Monitor

Manage all material planning scenarios (sales, production, purchasing, spare parts) in an easy and intuitive way.


  • Deliver Major Financial Savings by optimising your stock-on-hand

  • Eliminate Wastage by ensuring that stock is consumed before it expires

  • Improve Productivity and reduce the risk of errors from much improved data entry screens

  • Make more Informed Decisions by having all the information you need in one-place supported by more flexible rules, filtering and analysis

  • Define your master data rapidly and more accurately using global rules with the ability to import from Excel

SiMA - Warehouse Operations

Manage all warehouse operations (IM, WM, barcodes) using your smartphone or tablet.


  • Minimise your Total Cost of Ownership by integrating all your inventory and/or warehouse operations online

  • Deploy your system rapidly with a simple architecture

  • Improve operational efficiency by using a much simpler and more streamlined process

  • Reduce the number of operational errors

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SiLI - Smart Releases

Analyse and release purchasing documents, with business intelligence in the palm of your hand.


  • Execute your actions much quicker with the enhanced user experience and intuitive design

  • Improve productivity with quicker data entry and data access

  • Access the exact management information you require from a single query

  • Perform activities not possible with standard SAP (such as notification of document rejection or price deviation)