SiLI - Smart Releases

Web-based purchasing document release application

Extended functionality

Analysis of assignments and budgets

Optimal purchase size

Enhanced supplier information

Risk alerts


Intelligent approval of purchase documents
Purchase Requisitions
Purchase Orders

Purchase Contracts
Service Entry Sheets

With real context information

Budgetary situation
Stock and coverage situation
Supplier information

SAP Compatibility

SAP ECC and S/4HANA supported
SAP Fiori
SAP Business Technology Platform/SAP Cloud Platform
Alternative hosted environments (e.g. AWS)

 Supplier Analysis

View all historical purchases, open items and supplier returns

 Text and header information

Displayed in a simple and clear way


Release codes

All pending documents to be released are displayed for the release codes that your user has assigned – You no longer need to remember release codes!

Coverage Analysis

The planned stock, coverage and deviation alerts are displayed for the materials in relation to your inventory policy

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SiLI #2a.png

Traceability of approvals

You can view the prior and subsequent approvers defined by the release strategy

Approval / Rejection

You can approve/reject all purchase documents, both by position and at header level

Analysis in multiple currencies

You can toggle between different currencies



You are alerted to price deviations, multiple purchases or orders without reference and other possible fraud risks

No changes to your SAP installation

Our applications take advantage of the technology available in the market in an innovative way, so you can enjoy the latest SAP user experience (UI5), without requiring additional components such as Fiori, or Screen Personas.

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