• Do you find it cumbersome recording material movement transactions within a SAP managed warehouse?

  • Do you have a system where transactions are solely updated on SAP terminals and risk information not being recorded in real-time and therefore accuracy cannot be guaranteed?

  • Do you use costly handheld scanners to ensure real-time data recording and enhance accuracy, but need extra training to prevent operator error and ensure they record every movement?


Our fully integrated SAP application is web-based meaning it can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There is no longer the need to purchase dedicated handheld scanners and servers. The modern user experience ensures that transactions are simple to perform; the menu system can also be tailored to your role substantially reducing training time. Features such as recording material movements, verifying stock levels and attaching digital signatures and photographic evidence to support a transaction greatly enhance the process.


For example, when using our application to perform an outbound delivery you simply identify the item by either scanning a barcode (or QR code). The item details are displayed enabling you to confirm the batch, storage location and picked quantity. You then commit the transaction and, if configured, record a digital signature and photographic evidence which is available for later access from the SAP delivery note.